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“Jennifer has helped me to accelerate career conversations with just eight sessions. Throughout our work, I felt empowered by her incredible expertise and attention. Together we explored communication styles and how to best build connections, based on my own strengths, and goals. Jennifer kept me on track and created opportunities for me to build my own career roadmap. I will continue working with her as a resource for ongoing challenges as I move forward.” - Nathalia A, Senior Vice President for a Financial Institution with over 15 Billion in assets

"I am glad I invested in myself and my leadership abilities with Jennifer by my side.  Jennifer provided a variety of tools for me to explore and she provided a safe and encouraging space to stretch and grow.  Each session provided me an opportunity to explore current situations and take immediate appropriate action.  Jennifer provided the Coaching Moments I needed and I personally felt as if I grew as a leader in my current role." - Alison K, Manager, Fortune 200 Company

"I can't say enough about my wonderful experience with Jennifer. I had never worked with a coach before and she helped me to feel prepared and empowered each step of the way. While I have to admit that sometimes I wanted quick solutions from my conversations with Jennifer, she never let me put my own voice and ideas in the back seat. Jennifer encouraged me to reexamine some of my own thoughts and processes to see things in a new way. I have a more dynamic view of myself, my capabilities, and my work after my time with her. I'm so grateful!" - Liz E, Director, Nonprofit Organization 

"Jennifer truly allows the client to determine the path and pace in which her coaching is provided.  I actually reached out with one intent and ended up utilizing her strengths and experience to travel down an unforeseen path. Jennifer was patient and LISTENED A LOT, she asked questions to make you think through different thought processes, her level of engagement is always upbeat but calming-yes two totally different words, but you will see what I mean the very moment you interact with her.  If you are considering any form of coaching, leadership development, and just professional growth in general, Jennifer is definitely the best!" - Jennifer B, Branch Manager at one of the Top 100 Banks in the United States

"I needed space to explore/pursue potential career options. However traditional career pathway models have felt restrictive and rarely helpful. Jennifer’s coaching style—her presence and responsiveness to the moment—helped hold space for me to process, create meaning out of the various strengths/skills assessments I had taken over the years, and distill it all down to something meaningful and manageable. She was right there in it with me, helping me navigate my swirling thoughts/ideas and helping me gain clarity on what was really important to me. And she did it with genuine care and enthusiasm for what I wanted/needed, and without judgment, as I processed, swirled, and sometimes even resisted various ideas!" -  Frederick T, Career Changer

"One highlight (of many) from my time being coached by Jennifer was when I wanted to apply for a specific job opportunity. The process of looking for/applying for jobs overwhelms and exhausts me. Although I have been working for more than a decade, I am still in the exploratory stage of understanding the types of careers that align best with my strengths/skills. Jennifer’s knowledge/experience was invaluable in helping me craft an application that reflected how my skills aligned with the prospective job and communicated that to the prospective employer better and more clearly than anything I have submitted before.  The process was truly a co-creation and helped me learn how to respond to future opportunities. It resulted in an application I was confident about and really excited to submit!" - Tiffany F, Career Changer

"Jennifer was referred to me by a former trusted colleague to help navigate a career transition during an unforeseen time. I anticipated a generic interaction which would be expected when working with and crafting resumes but she amazed me. From the emails received to the initial consult, to the empathy shown during my time of need, and the humane conversations, Jennifer provided guidance that made my career search malleable. I am grateful for our conversations and the insight given. Not only did she allow me to see my talents and skills but encouraged me to take my necessary next career step. Jennifer is a great resource and top-tier Subject Matter Expert (SME)!" - Nicole L, Career Changer


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